Vegas Knockout: The fight of the century is almost here, and everyone in Sin City feels the buzz. The young journalist on the make.  The lovesick con man.  The rich man’s daughter with a very dirty secret.  The king of Vegas nightlife. A clown who wants waffles.

As the frenzy builds and the stakes—financial, emotional, moral—get higher, these and other indelible Vegas characters will put everything on the line. In these linked stories, the one and only PMoss shows you a darker, wilder, more uproarious side of this neon paradise.

Probing the dark, human stories lurking in the neon shadows, Blue Vegas represents the work of a writer who knows Las Vegas and is a keen observer of its diverse population. These seventeen stories explore the clash between old and new Las Vegas, and the quest for scraps of love and dignity amid the ruins of the lives of has been showgirls, desperate killers, degenerate gamblers and quickbuck mercenaries.

Blue Vegas shines a light on the hard luck, faded dreams and lingering anguish faced by people who’ve been trampled by this singleminded city.

The Perpetual Engine of Hope, a collection of short stories from a collection of authors inspired by vintage Las Vegas photographs, takes readers on an epic journey from the heyday of the mob era to a dystopian future of dashed dreams. No matter the genre, from crime noir to horror, psychological drama to urban fantasy, these stories have something compelling to say about Las Vegas and its ability to inspire hope even amid the most dire circumstances. Along the way, the writers revel in the city’s rich past and ponder its uncertain future, the historic images driving them to consider Las Vegas from fresh and illuminating perspectives.

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